Empower Arts, Animate Communities

Chapter 10:
Design for a Healthful Nation: Review of Nutritional Labels

DOI: 10.54165/9789887928522/10

Pouline Chai Lin Koh, Sook Khuan Wong

Design and application of nutritional labels are fundamental to making informed food choices. This paper reviews the nutritional labels’ design and application to help better-informed the public in making healthful decisions. Series of nutritional labels were examined using instruments such as Typometer for typography, computerized CMYK colour chart for colour and contrast, and grid system for the overall layout presentation. Study disclosed apparent issues in the design and application of typography, colour and overall presentation. This study reveals the use of colour and contrast as pivotal features to help improve focus and allow information to be assessed easily. Well-structured and coherent visual construction are suggested to augment the overall information presentation for better nutritional labels design. This study uncovers new insights for design practitioners, health experts, policy makers and food manufacturers to rethink the role of design as part of the key strategy moving forward as a healthy nation.

pp. 142-164 (PDF)

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Koh, Chai Lin Pouline and Wong, Sook Khuan, “Design for a Healthful Nation: Review of Nutritional Labels”. In Empower Arts, Animate Communities, edited by Benny Lim & Hing-kay Oscar Ho, 142-164. Hong Kong: Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2021. https://doi.org/10.54165/9789887928522/10