Empower Arts, Animate Communities

Chapter 3:
Growing Generation Z audiences:
Untapped audiences of Chinese Instrumental Music in Singapore

DOI: 10.54165/9789887928522/03

Samantha Tham, Samuel Wong

Attracting new audiences amidst the current backdrop of digitisation and in a new pandemic world is a priority for Chinese instrumental music companies in Singapore. Generation Z (Gen Z) – post-millennials currently aged 16 to 25 – present untapped opportunities of growth for Chinese instrumental music in Singapore’s evolving arts scene. Possessing different habits, expectations, and consumption patterns, Gen Zs have the potential to become a wave of new audiences for Chinese instrumental music in Singapore. 

Understanding the relationship and perceptions between Chinese instrumental music and Gen Z in Singapore, this paper embarks on a sequential mixed-method study conducted in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Elements of the study include firstly, a survey on Generation Z in Singapore which seeks to understand music consumption habits and the perception of the artform. Secondly, in-depth interviews with management of the major Singaporen Chinese music companies that allows challenges faced to be surfaced, and thirdly, a focus group with Gen Z and interviews with Singaporean Gen Z Chinese musicians, to enable a deeper understanding of themes that have emerged. The paper will provide pertinent suggestions that aim to empower the community of Chinese instrumental music practitioners and companies in engaging Gen Z.

pp. 31-44 (PDF)

To cite:
Tham, Samantha and Wong, Samuel, “Growing Generation Z audiences: Untapped audiences of Chinese Instrumental Music in Singapore”. In Empower Arts, Animate Communities, edited by Benny Lim & Hing-kay Oscar Ho, 31-44. Hong Kong: Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2021. https://doi.org/10.54165/9789887928522/03