Empower Arts, Animate Communities

Empower Arts, Animate Communities

Edited by Benny Lim and Oscar Ho Hing-kay

ISBN: 978-988-79285-1-5 (Print) 978-988-79285-2-2 (eBook)
DOI: 10.54165/9789887928522

Between 2014 and 2020, the Master of Arts in Cultural Management programme of the Chinese University of Hong Kong organized six editions of Forum on Community Arts, each of which offered critical examination of the philosophical and ethical issues, key terms, and operational models of Community Arts in Hong Kong and beyond.

The six themes are as follows:

For the Sake of the People (2014)
Community Arts & Heritage Preservation (2016)
Arts of the Capital Age (2017)
Community Arts Keywords (2018)
The Arts of Healing: Individuals, Communities & Society (2019)

Art at a Difficult Time (2020)

This book includes a comprehensive documentation of the main takeaways from the six editions of the Forum of Community Arts, as well as 13 new chapters on current topics that address one or more themes from the forum.

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